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R&D Center for Wellness Innovation

In the Tsukuba area, there are many research institutes and companies, including the University of Tsukuba, that are individually or jointly conducting research and development on the functionality of food and health materials.

We aim to be an integrated center with a seamless development and research system from basic to applied research, taking advantage of this regional characteristics, in a cross-sectional and comprehensive manner across disciplines and research organizations.

Research Dept.

Promotion of basic research for wellness and healthcare in general

R&D of functionality of foods and other materials


Public Relations Dept.

Promotion of information dissemination through symposia, open lectures, seminars, etc.

Promoting on-demand information exchange between researchers and business people



Industry-government-academia collaboration, intellectual property management

Research support

General affairs, accounting, and administrative operations

Experimental and research assistance,



You can search their research areas, keywords, biographies, accomplishments, etc.
by TRIOS(the researchers’ information of University of Tsukuba)

Social Contribution

Promote integrated and efficient research

Promote interdisclinplinary cooperation and the creation of new industries

International Interaction

 Promote Human resource exchange and joint research with foreign universities, research institutes and companies

HR Development


Develop a comprehensive and cross-sectional research environment

Develop international resources

We aim to realize a wellness society creating mental and physical health from this center.


R&D Center for Wellness Innovation

Laboratory of Advanced Research Building D219, University of Tsukuba, 1-1-1 Tennodai, Tsukuba, Ibaraki 305-0006 Japan


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