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R&D Center
for Wellness Innovation

 Aiming to Realize a Wellness Society Creating Mental and Physical Health


To provide society

with developing methods, technologies and specific services for health expectancy,

we research and analyze the functionality of food and other materials.

With the rapid increase of aging society and the rapid decline of the working population, the importance of methods, technologies and specific services for extending health expectancy has been increasing.

At Research & Development Center for Wellness Innovation, we evaluate the functionality of food and other materials, and the functionality of sensory stimuli such as scent and light using various model biological systems, and promote the development of materials and sensory stimulus environment involved in extending healthy life expectancy.

Furthermore, we aim to realize a society that promotes physical and mental health and longevity by developing technologies and methods for social implementation and providing specific services (protocols for commercialization, consultants, information dissemination, etc.).


*R&D Centers are...

established on July 1, 2015 as a new organization to take on the mission of social contribution among the University of Tsukuba's missions of education, research, and social contribution.


Kazuichi Sakamoto 
Director of the Center